The winner of last year’s contest tells us about his US experience


A Commish is someone who pushes to get better every day, never settling for the average.  

A Commish knows how vital it is to grab opportunities. And when it seems like there’s none around, a Commish goes exploring elsewhere.

A Commish is not afraid of responsibility, instead embracing it.

A Commish wants to put his mark on the world, not to passively accept reality.

In the end, they want to be in control of their own destiny, and become the Commish of themselves.



The applications for the second edition of the contest are now open.
We look forward to receiving your innovative projects.
We know that you will take this opportunity to prove that young people
can actually provide a valuable contribution, and we are sure that,
by competing with yourselves and with your peers, you will find
the energy needed to start your new journey.


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